Your app will be great. Here is why.

WebView never looked so native. 😍

Your website/webapp content will look great at 100% fullscreen display size.

Fast is great. Very fast is better. 🚀

Your app will be optimized for great performance and great stability. On iOS, we use the latest WKWebView version, which is up to 2x faster than conventional UIWebView ( On Android, we use the modern WebClient rendering enginge for excellent performance and stability. All in all, we want to make 100% sure that you and your users/customers enjoy your app.

Links handled right. 🌏

Do you want to open external links (e.g. to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) in Safari or Android Browser instead of your own WebView app? No problem, just click the corresponding option in the order process. This will guarantee an optimal user experience which will make the Apple Review team and your users happy.

Native dialogs for a great interaction. 💌

Pimp your WebView app with native iOS/Android dialog boxes for a great and native interaction feeling.

Your user is offline? No problem. 📵

Your user has no service or WiFi? No problem: Your app will display a beautiful offline screen in these cases which includes a working Try again button.